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Strange Bodies TrailerA Novel written by Marcel Theroux

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This was a great project to get. Marcel Theroux, who I'd been working intensely with for a couple of months, said he wanted me to make a trailer for his new novel coming out in May. Of course I agreed.

I read the book. Great read. I won't give too much of the plot away, but essentially it's about a guy who comes back from the dead... or so it seems. And the mystery and adventure that leads up to it.

Quite a dark and unusual story, but laced with Marcel's humour and luminous insight. I then made my own visual stab at a picture to represent the mood. The guys at Faber (and Marcel) loved the treatment and offered some money for the project. This is blue skies ideal situation for me: let loose with a bit of money to spend, by an enthusiastic client.

With a tight budget, but a big idea, I had to wear all the hats myself... So I was producer, DP, director, production manager, tattoo artist, seamstress... and everything in between. I had an assistant on the day to help out as grip and lighting assistant.

The other really fun bit about this shoot was doing the motorbike shots. I rigged my dslr up with a decent size monitor and a sturdy handstrap and hired a motorbike taxi to burn up an hour crossing the Thames and flying about the streets of London at dusk. Loads of fun.

Anyway I'm chuffed with the final edit. It's really satisfying shooting a couple of days for a couple of seconds. And this is my new best work.

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